This may come as no surprise, but I haven’t updated my LJ in over a month. A multitude of things endeavored to prolonge the gap, many of which were simply a matter of being preoccupied. Occupied with family life, gaming projects, work, stress, and hermitism. I’ve broken though these things now to tend to the clamoring of the masses anxiously awaiting an update. Vast numbers which could only be counted on one hand.

The enjoyment of finally getting a flying mount lasted about … 3 seconds.

When I last left you I had decided to take upon the massive project of grinding blacksmithing to 350. It was pretty painful, but after 2 weeks I achieved my goal and crafted my pwnstick. Having such a spectacular weapon has given my rogue bundles of joy, only sullied by the fact that the rest of my gear sucks. Questing in the Netherstorm has improved my AP by a decent amount, but there’s still much work to be done. My pwnstick yearns demands to deal more damage.

I haven’t had much time for my alts, but I managed to get my tankadin up to 22. ^^; This can attributed to the fact that my insatiable appetite for WoW has slowly been diminishing. Perhaps the accomplishment of my major goals, or maybe the daunting task of saving for my epic flying mount has caused me to fall into a small slump. Or it could be related to my long list of projects not yet finished for my rogue. Regardless I’ve found myself logging less time in Azeroth.

I’ve found some solace in playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on my GBAsp after finding my cartridge. Playing FFTA brings me back to when I first played FFT on PSX. Fond memories I have of FFT horrible localization withstanding. It might not be quite FFT, but FFTA is definitely an enjoyable distraction, especially when I have downtime on my route. It’s like hearing a song you haven’t heard in ages on the radio taking you back in time.

I also managed to see 300 at the Sacramento Esquire IMAX theatre. After long anticipating this movie finally seeing it not only at a theatre, but in IMAX I was completely blown away. Just about everything impressed me, from the overexposures to the dialogue. Hands down this movie will forever notch itself in my all-time favorite movie list. If you haven’t seen 300 yet, go now. You can thank me later.

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