Dun Gone Messed Up

I’ve barely logged into WoW this past week, so not only is this entry a week late, it also has absolutely nothing to do with my rogue leveling project. My continuing problem with staying focused on one project has reared its ugly head again and I’ve been derailed by a number of different projects. What projects? I’ll tell you …

Remember that poor little draenei mage that I had languishing away over on Whisperwind? Yah, I transferred her to Winterhoof to join the Ctrl Alt Wow guild and made the mistake of taking her out for a spin after obtaining the glyph to give  her a permanent water elemental pet. At the time she was only level 63, but before I realized that I had completely forgotten about my rogues, she was within spitting distance of 67.

What can I say? Frost mages are incredibly f’ng fun!

There’s something therapeutic about killing a mob before it gets to you, and the play-style of the frost mage fits me like a glove. Oh lookie! I’ve frozen you in place and after downing this slurpee I’m going to hit you with an instant-cast fireball thanks to the brainfreeze! In all seriousness though, I’ve been meaning to respec my mage away from improved blizzard since I’ve more or less abandoned AoE grinding with my mage; it’s safer to pull one (or two) at a time.

I haven’t installed the quartz addon yet to give me a visual clue as to when I can clip my casts and begin another, but I’ve found that I haven’t quite needed it. It’s pretty easy to do without the visual aid, you just anticipate the latency and begin casting when you’re approaching the end of the cast bar. As any caster would tell you, clipping spells allows you to get far more spells off and allows you to weave in some instant cast spells drastically improving your overall dps.

There’s only one question that remains, will my mage be my third 80? I do have my undead priest sitting at 78, but I’m in no hurry to pick her back up since I want to get back into pvp with her and healing dungeons doesn’t really appeal to me. So perhaps my mage will be my third 80, I just hope that I don’t completely neglect my pair of rogues in the process.

Well, I have spent some time on my dwarf, but not in the way one would expect. As I alluded to earlier, the time I have spent on my dwarf has been spent focusing on an objective other than leveling. No, instead of questing and leveling, he’s been running around desperately trying to skill up herbalism by picking lots and lots of flowers.

HERBALISM?!? Really?!?

While picking flowers doesn’t befit an ale-guzzling killing machine, the lifeblood ability will be invaluable for keeping my dwarf up off the ground. No one needs a tank for the floor, so why should my dwarf take it upon himself to admire it?

Anyhoo, I have spent part of this past week working on getting the Ctrl Alt WoW schwag up for public consumption again. If you’re a fan of the Ctrl Alt Wow podcast, I’d encourage you to pick up a shirt to show off your pride, everything is priced at cost. I wouldn’t feel comfortable about making a cent off the stuff, it’s just not the way I roll. I’m thinking about upgrading the store front to allow for more products considering that I can only have one design available per item type/style. I’ll be muling that one over for a little bit as Cafepress is somewhat pricey when it comes to that.

Other than that, there is one other project that is looming on the horizon that I’m not yet ready to publicly announce just yet. Fret not, I’ll be announcing it soon enough. This project should be very exciting, or at least I’m really excited about it. ^^;

For the frost-bolt?