I remember a long time ago I thought I’d be driving out to the south bay area everyday for work. That didn’t come to fruition and I ended up as a Sac/Natomas/Davis driver. After the acquisition things started dwindling down but the bay route was still a bit too much and pulling too much overtime.

So finally the bay route is getting split into a north and south component. Yet now it appears that neither route is substantial enough to be completely worth it. But in the process my old route is being gang-raped and now I’m left with something that barely resembles a route averaging 2 or 3 stops, with one of those still being in Elk Grove.

On top of that it’s being tossed around that I should do this other route that leaves in the afternoon, but doesn’t usually get back until after 4pm. That seems somewhat reasonable right? Go do a couple of stops in the south bay, come back, do some ops, then go out on another route.

Only one major problem, I need to be off by 3:30pm in order to sustain the current daycare rates. If I were to get off an hour later consistently those rates will go up substantially and that’s an added expense we cannot afford.

So now my only hope to avoid a complete flogging is to either a, give up my weekends and not work on the leanest of days for the south bay route, or b, take as many other stops as possible that make sense.

Tomorrow is not going to make for such a hot day.