Shoddy Workmanship

Once again I’m on the receiving end of Microsoft’s shitty console quality assurance with my Xbox 360 system failing on me, again. This is now the third time that my 360 has died on me, but this time it didn’t have the decency to RROD on me now that it is out of warranty. No, instead the damned thing decided to have problems recognizing brand new game discs and after a lucky attempt to finally play Halo: Reach it doesn’t recognize any kind of disc at all anymore. /RAGE

Yuck, that sucks. Did you call Xbox support and raise hell?

Yes, I did … well not the raising hell part, because that wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere … but I did explain my situation in detail and was told that there wasn’t anything they could do, but to give the Feedback link on a try. So I did and this is the result …


My system is now unable to recognize any disc (CD/DVD/NTSC region games) after months of intermittently receiving “Unable to read disc” issues. This would occur on brand new game discs in perfect condition and to reliably use my system to play games I was forced to install the games to the HDD. This problem came to a head with my trying to play Halo: Reach this past weekend. After hours of failed attempts to install the game (best I got to was 52%) I finally lucked out and was able to play the game from the disc. This was the last time I was able to use my system to play a game disc as I’ve previously stated my system is now unable to recognize any disc at all.

I’ve run through all of the trouble-shooting for the “Unable to Read Disc” except for the removal of the HDD since Halo: Reach requires a HDD to play. Therefore my only option is to send my system in for a repair, but as you’ll see from my account history I’ve already had two 360 Elite systems suffer the 3 flashing red light problem. I was pleased with the turn-around and service I received with the first occurrence, but when the system sent back to me experienced the exact same problem only after approximately 6 months of use I was rather turned off by Microsoft’s Quality Assurance on their console systems.

As such I am highly reluctant to pay money to have my system repaired especially since I am fearful that my system will once again be inoperable within months of being returned to me. I do not play my 360 for extended periods of time other than using it for Netflix (mainly) so I can’t blame wear and tear as to the cause of the laser lens falling out of alignment. I regularly use a DVD cleaning disc and keep my 360 in a well ventilated but clean environment.

I’m hoping for some leniency in dealing with my system being out of warranty and offering a free/reduced cost for the repair given my history as a sign of good will and a renewal in my faith in Microsoft as a company to do the right thing. As of right now I will not purchase another Microsoft console system in the future based on my experiences with my Xbox 360 Elite (I thought the Elites were supposed to be better manufactured?)


I doubt that I’ll receive the results that I’m hoping for (free repair), but at least I feel a little better letting Microsoft know how I feel about the quality of their system this generation. It’s a shame really since I love the games on the 360 and generally would pick up a multi-platform title on 360 only because of Xbox Live. Shoddy parts are what really angered me about the Sony Playstation (One) in that I felt that the total systems sold wasn’t a fair representation to game developers of actual working systems.

Oh well, one of my buddies suggested buying a $40 kit to fix my system myself which I will end up doing if Microsoft doesn’t do the right thing. I’m sure as hell not going to pay $100 for my system to be temporarily fixed for an undetermined amount of time.