ne 1 ?

You’ll have to excuse the “leet-type” I used as my subject, I’m bored, stressed, anxious, etc … Anyways, not updating my livejournal seems to be a habit I haven’t been able to kick. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as probably only a handful of people check it anyways, but it’s still something of a “personal goal.” I can always blame how excessively lame my current job is for the perpetual state of exhaustion that I find myself in causing me to veg-out when I get home. I thought the job would be a tad more “kickback” but has been anything but. A job is a job though, and income is far more important than my state-of-mind. Right?

Having such an inconsistant crappy job has led to a few moments of wishing to get plastered, or at least good n’ buzzed. These moments have fortunately have been few and far between, but it still concerns me a little that everynow and then I yearn to return to my vice. On the flipside these moments have been anything but enjoyable which only helps to reinforce my decision to give drinking up completely.

But let’s get off the down subject and attempt to blog about something a bit more … happy.

My daughter is now 8 months old and developing as well as we could hope. She’s not crawling quite yet, but she’s on the verge of figuring it out. She’s lifting her abdomen off the ground but usually ends up going in reverse. She’s also become far more talkative of late and become an absolute joy to be around, when she’s not teething. I find myself thinking of how glad I am now that I’m a father and anticipating having “moments” with my daughter as she continues to grow up.

Just today as I was driving by some school kids I thought back to when I was that age and reflected on what my parents meant to me as I was growing up. Indeed I feel more and more like a father each day. I especially look forward to introducing my daughter to her first video game experience.

Well I’ve babbled on long enough in this entry, I’ll probably think of more thoughts I’d like to share later tonight, but this is sufficient for now. Besides … I’ve had many moments where I’ve thought “Oh, this would be a good thought to blog” and then never do so. >.<